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Bluetooth audio REACH eu REACH testing, REACH testing standards

Bluetooth audio REACH eu REACH testing, REACH testing standards

Bluetooth audio REACH eu REACH testing, REACH testing standards

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Bluetooth audio REACH eu REACH testing, REACH testing standards


REACH is the abbreviation of REGULATION concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals of the eu, which is established by the eu and implemented on June 1, 2007.

This is safety in a chemical production, trade, use of regulatory proposals, laws designed to protect human health and environmental safety, to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the European chemical industry, and develop the innovative ability of non-toxic harmless compounds, prevent market division, increases the transparency of chemicals used, to promote the animal experiments, the pursuit of sustainable development of the society, etc. The REACH directive requires that chemicals imported and produced in Europe must be registered, assessed, authorized and restricted through a comprehensive set of procedures to better and more easily identify their constituents to ensure environmental and human safety. This instruction mainly has the registration, the appraisal, the authorization, the restriction and so on several big items content. Any commodity must have a registered record of its chemical constituents and state how the manufacturer USES them and the toxicity assessment report. All this information will be fed into a database under construction managed by the European chemicals agency, a new eu agency based in Helsinki, Finland. The agency will assess each file and may take more stringent action if chemicals are found to have an impact on human health or the environment. According to the assessment of several factors, chemicals may be banned or need approval before they can be used.

Unlike the RoHS directive, REACH involves a much wider range of products and manufacturing processes that affect virtually all industries, from mining to textiles and clothing, light industry and electromechanical industries, it said. REACH requires manufacturers to register about 30,000 chemicals in each of their products -- and to measure their potential harm to public health. REACH has developed the idea that society should not introduce new materials, products or technologies if their potential harm is unknown.

Electromechanical products have been one of the most important foreign trade in ningbo. As a downstream user of the chemical industry, no mechatronics trading with Europe are exempt from REACH. The draft REACH regulations stipulate that producers and importers of chemicals and other tangible products entering the eu market have the following obligations:

(1) to compile and submit detailed reports including test data of each chemical substance contained in the product (i.e., "registration").

In REACH regulations, the registration scope of chemical substances mainly includes:

1. Substances or accessories that exist independently in quantities greater than or equal to 1 ton/year/person;

2. Monomer or other substance in the form of monomericunits or chemical compounds in polymers that have an unregistered content (weight ratio) of more than 2% in the upstream supplier and a total amount of more than 1 ton/year/person;

3. Substances in articles released intentionally in a state of normal or reasonably foreseeable use with a total amount of >1 tons/year/person;

4. A total of > tons/year/person. The chemicals bureau may require registration for substances in articles which are suspected to be released from the goods and which are harmful to human health or the environment.

In REACH regulations, the following substances are exempt from registration:

1. 1 ton of material per year/person

2. Radioactive materials

(1) in the bonded area or in the bonded warehouse for re-export; Or (2) transit

4. Non-separated intermediates

5. Means of transportation of dangerous substances

6. Waste

7. A member state is exempt from defence

Medicine or veterinary medicine

9. Additives, food flavoring agents and animal nutrients in food or feed

10. Substances in annex IV (known to be of low risk)

11. Substance in annex V

12. Re-import the registered substances themselves or substances in their products

13. When a registered substance, product or substance in an article is reprocessed (recovery process)

14. Polymers (polymers themselves)(except chemically bound monomers or other substances present in polymers in the form of monomericunits or compounds, with an unregistered content [weight ratio] of more than 2% in upstream suppliers and a total volume of more than 1 ton/year)

15. Chemicals used only for products or research and development (PPORD)(5+5/10 years)

16. Only used for active ingredients and excipients (co-formulants) in plant protection products (deemed to be registered)

17. Only active ingredients in biocides (deemed to be registered)

18. Substances declared for new chemical substances under directive 79/831/EEC (deemed to be registered)

(2) to evaluate the safety factor of each chemical substance contained in the product (" chemical safety assessment ").

The assessment includes:

1. File evaluation is to verify the integrity and consistency of the registration documents submitted by enterprises.

2. Material assessment is to check whether the material needs further information from the enterprise.

3. The Evaluation mainly includes Dossier Evaluation and substance Evaluation.

Dossier Evaluation includes:

Within 3 weeks after registration, the European chemicals authority shall provide the registration data and integrity inspection report of the registrant to the competent authorities of Member states. However, it will take 3 months to review the registration documents received within 2 months prior to the phased registration deadline;

-. Cockiness phase registered material as well as the deadline of the registration materials in stages, before the audit failed, production, sales, use and import ban on eu countries (competent authority of the member states to review technical documents: evaluate registration technical documentation is in compliance with the provisions of the laws and regulations, and check the animal test plan, in order to avoid unnecessary animal test);

Eu member states review the proposed test draft and draft relevant resolutions. The resolution reads as follows:

(1) agree to conduct the experiment and submit the summary of the experimental results and constructive analysis of the research methods within the deadline set out in annex I.

(2) the resolution, together with a, but requires that it be carried out under revised test conditions.

(3) the resolution is the same as a, b or d, but when the submitted test objectives are inconsistent with the requirements of the annex, one or more additional tests are requested.

(4) reject the proposal of experiment.

(5) the resolution and a, b or c, if several registrants submit the same test proposal, the authority shall coordinate within 90 days to reach an agreement and find one to conduct the test on behalf of the whole.

(6) the agreed experiment shall have a 45-day public notice period.

The substance Evaluation includes:

--. The authority provides member states with criteria for assessing priority substances;

· on December 1, 2011, a draft evaluation rolling plan was provided, followed by the date of February 28 of each year;

--. Member states formulate rolling plans for the assessment of selected substances over a period of three years and carry out evaluations;

. The authority will publish the final assessment list online;

Eu member states are required to draft relevant resolutions (180 days for new substances) within the prescribed time limit for further information.

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