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How much does it cost to apply for FCC certification,American FCC Certificate

How much does it cost to apply for FCC certification,American FCC Certificate

How much does it cost to apply for FCC certification,American FCC Certificate

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Shenzhen ZKT technology co., LTD. Specializes in handling FCC certification in the United States

FCC certification profile:

FCC certification is a compulsory certification of EMC in the United States. It is mainly aimed at FCC certification products of electronic appliances of 9khz-3000ghz, covering radio, communications and other aspects, especially radio interference problems of wireless communication equipment and systems, including radio interference limits and measurement methods, as well as certification system and organizational management system.

Form of FCC certification:

The FCC has three Certification modes for different products, namely, Verification Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certification. Different certification models require testing laboratories to be recognized by the FCC and have different application, test, and declaration requirements.

Major FCC standards

FCC parts 15 and PART 18 are the most widely used:

FCC standards applicable scope

Testing of FCC PART15 C/E/F intended radiation devices

FCC PART 18 industrial, scientific and medical equipment

FCC PART 22 public mobile communications services

FCC PART 24 personal communications services

FCC PART 25 satellite communications services

FCC PART 27 other FCC wireless communication services

FCC PART 68 telecommunication terminal equipment

FCC Part 15 provides for intentional, unintentional or instantaneous launch equipment that does not require a personal license in use. It includes technical specifications, administrative requirements and other market access conditions. The products are mainly divided into four categories: unintentional transmitting equipment, intentional transmitting equipment, personal communication equipment without license, and basic information equipment of countries without license.

FCC Part 18 regulates the electromagnetic energy emitted by industrial, scientific and medical devices (ISM) that work on a certain spectrum to prevent such devices from causing harmful interference to authorized wireless communications services.

Specific steps of customer entrustment application for FCC certification:

1. Customers submit application forms (our company provides blank application forms);

2. The client and our company sign the entrusted test contract;

3. Send samples for testing, and prepare electrical schematic diagram, external/internal photos, oscillator circuit diagram, user manual nameplate identification, working principle description, etc. (depending on the product);

4. After passing the test, if it is the FCC VOC certification, our company will issue the certificate of qualification and report directly. If it is the FCC DOC or ID certification, our company will submit the application materials to the certification authority authorized by the FCC.

5. After obtaining FCC certification, enterprises can use FCC logo on products;

Note: the information list and requirements for FCC ID certification are as follows:

1) FCC application form: the application for company name, address, contact information, product name and model, usage standards and other information shall be accurate and correct;

2) FCC authorization letter: it shall be signed and sealed by the contact person applying for the company and scanned into an electronic file;

3) FCC confidentiality letter: the confidentiality letter is the agreement between the application company and the TCB agency to keep confidential the product data, which shall be signed and sealed by the contact person of the application company and scanned into an electronic file;

4) block diagram: it is necessary to draw all the crystal vibration, as well as the frequency of crystal vibration, and keep consistent with the circuit diagram;

5) circuit diagram: it must be consistent with the crystal vibration frequency, number of crystal vibration and location of crystal vibration in the block diagram;

6) line description: English is required to clearly describe the functional implementation principle of the product;

7) operating instructions: FCC warning is required;

8) label and label position: the label shall have FCC ID number and Statement, and the location of the label shall be significant;

9) appearance photos within the product: pictures should be clear and clear, and notes should be added if necessary;

10) test report: the test is required to be completed and the product is comprehensively evaluated according to the standard terms;


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