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How to get Taiwan BSMI certification

How to get Taiwan BSMI certification

How to get Taiwan BSMI certification

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Introduction to Taiwan BSMI certification
BSMI is short for the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of Taiwan's ministry of economic affairs. According to the ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan, from July 1, 2005, products entering the Taiwan region will be subject to both electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations. Taiwan BSMI (BSMI) under the leadership of the government sectors of the economy, to enter Taiwan market to establish the product inspection norms of electrical and electronic products, and demand the product must conform to the safety, EMC test and related inspection, can only be authorized to use the BSMI logo. BSMI certification is a mandatory product certification that requires EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and SAFETY (SAFETY). BSMI certification is usually valid for three years, but BSMI does not currently have a factory inspection but must comply with the bureau of standards. Therefore, the certification mode of BSMI is: product inspection + registration supervision.
BSMI authentication identity

How to get Taiwan BSMI certification
BSMI certified product catalog
If your product is in the following scope, you need to apply for verification to expand the domestic market:
1, mandatory commodity inspection marks (CI MARK) : electrical products, such as electrical appliances product, electronic product, such as information and entertainment audio-visual equipment, such equipment products, mechanical products (such as power tools equipment), chemical products (such as tires and toys);
2. Voluntary orthographic marking (CNS MARK): industrial products, building materials, electric wires, household appliances, auto parts, industrial materials, or products of competitors with orthographic marking;
3, voluntary product certification MARK (VPC) MARK: safety critical components, digital set-top boxes, lamp holder, battery chargers, restricted hazardous substances, lithium-ion batteries, the vehicle electromagnetic compatibility, sports fitness equipment, etc.
Information required for BSMI certification
1 application form
A copy of the applicant's certificate
3 related technical documents
-- product appearance diagram
-- parts certificate
-- product circuit diagram
-- material list
-- Chinese manual
BSMI certification application
There are three ways to apply:
Type approval includes two types:
1 type approval (EMC+Safety), 178 kinds of electronic and electrical products need to apply for this kind of approval since January 1, 2004. Applicable standards: EMC + Safety, documents required have (product type approval application form, company or factory license, test report, used for electromagnetic compatibility of technical documents, photos, tags, have the parts of the electromagnetic interference, block diagram and use manual and Safety technical documents). Certificate validity: three years, may be extended once.
2. EMC type approval (replacing the original EMC application) shall be enforced from November 1, 2002. Applicable products: 61 electronic products only have EMI requirements, 124 electronic products only need EMI+ safety reports (if there are safety requirements). Applicable standards: only EMI. The documents needed to be provided include (application for approval of electromagnetic compatibility type, test report, technical documents: photo, label, parts with electromagnetic compatibility, block diagram and operation manual).
2. Certification registration
Enforcement date: not yet announced. Applicable standards: EMI+ safety. Have a need to provide the documents (product type approval application form, company or factory license, test reports, technical documents for the electromagnetic compatibility: photos, tags, have the parts of the electromagnetic interference, block diagram and use manual as well as the safety technical documents, the conformity declaration).
Certificate validity: three years, may be extended once
Iii. Declaration of conformity
Enforcement date: January 18, 2002. Applicable products: 19 information technology equipment components. Applicable standards: CNS13438 (ONLY EMC). The documents to be provided are (compliance declaration, test report, technical documents: photos, labels, parts with electromagnetic interference, block diagram and operation manual). No certificate.
For electronic and electrical products, the three application modes provided by the standards bureau are as follows:
1. The declaration of conformity only applies to parts of some information technology equipment (please refer to the product description on the website of the standard inspection bureau).
2. The product cost manufacturer shall decide to apply for certification registration or type approval at its own discretion.
3. The difference between certification registration and type approval is:
Inspection method: if the product has been approved by type, the customer inspection will be simplified. For the products that apply for certification registration, the customer shall not be examined, and market random sampling shall be adopted.
Fee differential: the application fee for certification registration is higher than that for formal recognition. And charge annual fee, type approval does not charge annual fee.

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