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Bluetooth headset wireless NCC certification

Bluetooth headset wireless NCC certification

Bluetooth headset wireless NCC certification

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Brand Name: NCC
Certification: NCC
Model Number: NCC

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Taiwan NCC certification introduction
NCC, short for The National Communications Commission, mainly regulates The communication information equipment circulating and using in The Taiwan market:
1. LPE: Low Power Equipment means Low Power Equipment (e.g. bluetooth, WIFI devices);
2. TTE: Telecommunications Terminal Equipment, or communications Terminal Equipment (e.g., mobile phones, tablets).
NCC certification product range
1. Work in 9 KHZ to 300 GHZ frequency low power radio frequency motor, such as: wireless network (WLAN) products (including IEEE 802.11 a/b/g), UNII, bluetooth products, RFID, ZigBee, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless microphone, wireless walkie-talkie, wireless remote control toys, all kinds of radio remote control, all kinds of wireless alarm, etc.
2. The public switched telephone network (PSTN) products, such as telephone cable (including VOIP Internet phone), automatic alarm equipment, machine, fax machines, wireless remote control device, cable phone main machine, key telephone systems, data equipment (including ADSL equipment), switching speed display terminal equipment, 2.4 GHz radio frequency telecommunications terminal equipment, etc.
3. The land mobile communication networks equipment (PLMN) products, such as wireless broadband access operation device (WiMAX terminal equipment), 900 GSM/DCS 1800 mobile and terminal equipment (2 g), the action of the third generation communication terminal equipment (such as 3 g mobile phone).
NCC certification mark ratio specification

Bluetooth headset wireless NCC certification
1. The device shall be labeled or cast on the position of the device body with an appropriate scale, without the maximum/minimum size, and shall be clear.
2. This NCC logo, together with the inspection qualified number, shall be attached to the product in accordance with the regulations, with a single frequency and color, which shall be clear and easy to identify.
Sample production of qualified documents for inspection
Trade facilitation customs clearance need to cooperate with Taiwan, since January 1, 95 revision controlled telecommunications radio-frequency devices and telecommunications terminal equipment package label style is as follows: from achieve conformity assessment before December 31, 94 number and low power radio wireless telecommunications terminal equipment, if the package number must be converted to the 95 new encoding (customs code).
NCC certification process
1. The entrusting party shall provide the product information to the organization for evaluation and quotation;
2. The entrusting party confirms and signs back the quotation, fills in the application form, provides samples and materials, arranges the payment (the first one), and the organization opens the case;
3. Arrange product forecast and review data;
4. If there are problems in testing and data, arrange rectification and retesting until qualified;
5. After passing the test and data, the issuing authority shall conduct the eyewitness test;
6. After the eyewitness test is completed, the issuing authority issues the test report and issues the certificate;
7. The entrusting party shall pay off the amount (balance payment), get the certificate report and settle the case.
Application for Taiwan NCC certification preparation materials
1. Circuit schematic diagram of the product;
2. Product block diagram;
3. Product specifications;
4. Product description;
5. The BOM table;
6. Service application form;
7. Factory ISO9001 certificate;
8. Antenna specifications.
NCC certification application cycle
The NCC certification application period is 3-4 weeks, and the cost can only be determined according to the product data.
NCC factory inspection and certificate validity period
The NCC certification has no factory inspection, and the certificate has no validity period. As long as the product is unchanged and the test standard is not updated, the certificate is always valid.
Comparative analysis of Taiwan NCC certification and BSMI certification

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