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Introduction to OHSAS18001 series standards and certification

Introduction to OHSAS18001 series standards and certification

Introduction to OHSAS18001 series standards and certification

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OHSAS18000 series of standards and the resulting occupational health and safety management system certification system is another popular worldwide management system standard certification system in recent years. OHSAS18000 series standard is by the British standards institution (BSI), det norske veritas (within DNN), and other 13 international standards organization jointly launched in 1999, under the condition of no ISO has yet been set, it have played an important role in accurate international standards. 0 hsas18001 is certification standards, it is the organization (enterprises) to establish the foundation of occupational health and safety management system, and enterprises to carry out internal audit and certification institution to implement the main basis of certification audit. On November 12, 2000 in our country into a national standard: GB/T28001-2001 idt OHSAS18001:1999 "specification for the occupational health and safety management system in the same year on December 20, state economic and trade commission launched the occupational safety and health management system audit norms" and in our country to carry out the system of occupational health and safety management system certification.
1. The necessity and urgency of actively promoting OHSMS certification
(1) China's production safety situation is grim
With the rapid development of China's economy, increasingly serious production safety situation in China, all kinds of casualty amount is larger, always high, heavy, major accidents, occupational disease patients also gradually increased.
(2) China has accelerated the pace of legislation on occupational safety and health, and the requirements on enterprises' safe production are becoming increasingly strict
In recent years, our country has a large number of production safety regulations, especially in 2001 and 2002 successively promulgated the "safety production law" and "occupational disease prevention law" puts forward a mandatory regulations on safe production requirements and standards.
(3) "putting people first and paying attention to employees' health and safety" has increasingly become an important symbol and good image of modern enterprises.
To sum up, the organization (enterprise) only by establishing a systematic, standardized management system, in accordance with the relevant regulations, whole process of hazard source identification and control, to achieve continuous improvement, continue to obey the law.
2. Organization and main content of OHSAS18001 standard
The OHSAS18001 standard consists of: 1 scope, 2 normative reference documents, 3 terms and definitions, 4 elements of the occupational health and safety management system and so on.
The standard defines 17 terms, of which "hazard source", "risk" and "accident" are four terms with characteristics of 18001.
Chapter 4 is the main content of the standard, which stipulates the requirements of the occupational health and safety management system. The standard structure is exactly the same as ISO14001, and it also consists of five first-level elements, which are divided into 17 second-level elements, reflecting the PDCA cycle and management mode.
3. Methods and procedures for establishing occupational health and safety management system
The organization (enterprise) shall establish the 0HSAS according to the requirements of OHSAS18001 and in combination with the actual situation of the organization (enterprise), according to the following six steps:
(1) leadership decision-making and preparation: leading decision-making, providing resources, appointing management agents, and conducting propaganda training
(2) initial safety review: identify and determine risk sources, identify and obtain safety regulations, analyze current situation and identify weak links
(3) system planning and design: formulate occupational health and safety policies, objectives and management plans; Identify the architecture, responsibilities, and document framework
(4) preparation of system documents: preparation of occupational health and safety management manuals, relevant procedural documents and operational documents
(5) system trial operation: all departments and all employees strictly standardize their activities and operations according to the system requirements
(6) internal audit and management review: after more than 2 months of operation, conduct internal audit and management review, and improve the self-improvement education
4. Conditions for the organization (enterprise) to obtain OHSAS18001 certification
(1) establish documented occupational health and safety management system according to OHSAS18001 standard
(2) the system runs for more than 3 months, covering all 17 elements of the standard
(3) comply with applicable safety regulations, and the accident rate is lower than the industry average;
(4) to be audited and approved by a third party authorized by the state recognition commission.

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