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Wireless camera Australia RCM certification,Speaker RCM certification

Wireless camera Australia RCM certification,Speaker RCM certification

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Place of Origin: ZKT
Brand Name: ZKT
Certification: ZKT
Model Number: ZKT
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RCM certification applicable countries
Country name:
Nauru, Fiji, Solomon islands, Kiribati, Australia.
Federated states of Micronesia, tuvalu, New Zealand, tonga, Marshall islands, vanu Papua New Guinea, Samoa.
RCM certification application process
Australian RCM certification process
1. Third party laboratories evaluate products and determine the test standards;
2. If there is any non-conformity in the test, the laboratory will modify the product to meet the requirements of Australian standards;
3. Passed the test and issued the test report;
4. Submit the test report to the Australian issuing authority for document review;
5. Approved by Australia and issued RCM certificate;
6. The customer may register the Australian website by himself or by the laboratory;
Notes for Australian RCM certification
1. The RCM logo should be added to the product at that time. Please note that this requirement was announced in Australia on April 19, 2013.
2. Random test of the plug shall be conducted when the direct plug adapter conducts RCM safety certification.
3. Lamp tube products: for example, T8 LED lamp, fluorescent tube, because the user can directly replace it, the safety risk is high, so we need to send samples to Australia for evaluation.
4. Different issuing organs will have different time.
Australian RCM certification support service
1. New application for RCM
2. Certificate update
3. Technical modification of certificate
4. Administrative modification of the certificate
The certificate is transferred to another holder
6. The certificate shall be renewed within the validity period
7. Additional printing certificate industry
RCM= Safety + EMC + Importer Declaration
1. Safety (product Safety certification)
Product safety certification includes two parts: electric products are divided into control class (Prescribed Product) and the control products (Non - Prescribed Product).
1). Control electrical products are divided into AS/NZS4417.2, including electric heating equipment, refrigeration equipment, electric tools, spare parts, etc. Three license issuing unit in Queensland, new south wales and Victoria are the most active in the certification process. Control class electrical force has to be issued by the monitoring department Approval Certificate (Certificate of Approval), identification and regulations play the Shanghai number (must). The first letter of the certificate number indicates which state or region the certificate is issued by. Such as:
(1) Q04051 (Queensland) -- -q Number
(2) W2015 (Western Australia, Western Australia) -- -w Number
(3) V03101 (Victoria Victoria Victoria Victoria Victoria) -- -esv Certificate V Number
(4) NSW18099 (New South Wales) -- -doft Certificate NSW Number
2). Non-regulated Electrical appliances may be sold without certification, but the manufacturer shall ensure that the Electrical Safety of the products conforms to the Australian standard AS/ nzs3820:1998 (Essential Safety Requirements for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment). Monitoring department to meet the requirements of the standard product conformity Certificate (Certificate of Suitability). Obtain a Certificate of conformity electrical products can play in the Shanghai, the number of the Certificate last letters show the Certificate issued by which state or region, such as:
(1) CS/431/Q (Queensland)
(2) CS/108/NSW (new south wales)
2 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
Electromagnetic compatibility in Australia conform to the plan is based on 1992 Radio communication method (Radio Communications ACT 1992) formulation, covered a wide range of products, the including motor drive and heating appliances, electric tools and similar products, light and similar equipment, TV receivers and audio equipment, information technology, industrial, scientific and medical instruments and equipment, fire engines and arc welding equipment. The plan divides the product into three categories according to the risk of electromagnetic interference generated by the product. The second and third categories must be marked with c-tick marks. However, no matter which category the product belongs to, it must meet the relevant EMC standards.
Category: device only a slight influence on the use of wireless spectrum of products, such as manual switch, simple relay, squirrel-cage induction motor, brushless ac power/power transformer, resistance, etc. This kind of products can apply for the c-tick mark voluntarily when they are produced and sold.
2 kinds of products: device has a great influence on the use of wireless spectrum of products, such as microprocessors or even the clock digital device, rectifier or slip-ring motor, welding equipment, switching power supply, photometric regulator and motor speed controller, the information technology (CISPR 22) types of telecommunications terminal equipment (since November 7, 2003, from the third class into the second category).
Three types of products: products that have a serious impact on devices using wireless spectrum, such as industrial, scientific and medical devices group 2 (CISPR11).
Related application matters of RCM
(1) if there are differences between CB and other countries, you can directly transfer the Safety Certificate. Plus the EMC part can let the agent help out with the announcement. This product can be sold to Australia and marked with RCM Mark.
(2) Safety Certificate: when applying for the Safety part, if the product is direct plug-in, the AU plug-in Test (AS Standard: AS/NZS 3112:2004) shall be conducted for the product. If the product is Desktop, this Test is not required.
(3) EMC Report -- it can be c-tick Report (Test Standard: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002) or CE EMC Report.
The issuing unit of RCM(SAA)
CB member laboratory test, submit test report to state certification authorities for certificate application. There are 7 organizations (including New Zealand) qualified to accept certification applications:
1) DepartmentofFairTrading, NewSouthWales (NSW)
2) DepartmentofMinesandEnergy, Queensland
3) TheOfficeoftheChiefElectricalInspector, Victoria
4) OfficeofEnergy Policy, SouthAustralia
5) OfficeofEnergy WesternAustralia
6) OfficeofElectricity StandardsandSafety, ancestor
7) Ministryof Commerce, NewZealand


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