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What is the cost of the German LFGB test report and how to do it ?

What is the cost of the German LFGB test report and how to do it ?

What is the cost of the German LFGB test report and how to do it ?

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1. The LFGB introduction
LFGB, also known as "food, tobacco products cosmetics and other commodity management laws", is the most important basic legal document in German food hygiene management, similar to the eu directive 1935/2004/EC. All aspects of the laws and regulations of German food made of general and fundamental rules, all the food on the market in Germany and all related to food commodity must conform to the fundamental rules of it.

2. LFGB detection product range:
The areas covered include:
Ceramics, synthetic plastics, PVC, plasticizers, paper products, leather, textiles, cosmetics, tobacco, etc.
The products involved include:
Electric products that are in contact with food, such as toaster oven, sandwich oven, electric kettle, etc. Food storage supplies; Strengthen glass board, stainless steel pot and other kitchen utensils; Bowls, knives, spoons, cups and dishes; Clothing, bedding, towels, wig, false eyelashes, hats, diapers and other health supplies, sleeping bags, shoes, gloves, strap, handbag, wallet/purse, briefcase, chair cladding materials; Textile or leather toys and toys containing textiles or leather clothing; Yarn and fabric used directly; Various cosmetics and tobacco products, etc.
Other latest technology products:
The chromium coating on the grill, the temperature-resistant test of the teflon coating in the cooking pan, and the test of the silica gel seal ring in the kettle.

3. Test requirements for LFGB test items and common materials:
1) initial inspection of samples and materials.
2) sensory evaluation of odor and taste transfer.
3) plastic samples: test of transferable components and heavy metals can be precipitated.
4) metal: components and the test for precipitating heavy metals.
5) silicone: test of organic compounds that can be transferred or volatile.
6) special materials: chemical hazards according to German chemical method.
7) detection of certain azo dyes used in daily necessities such as textiles, leather and polyester.
8) testing of harmful chemicals and heavy metals in cosmetics.
9) testing of harmful ingredients in tobacco.

4,Test requirements for common materials.
General plastic products:
Requires full migration and sensory testing.
PVC plastic products:
Comprehensive migration test, vinyl chloride monomer test, peroxide value test and sensory test.
PE plastic products:
Comprehensive migration test, peroxide value test, chromium content test, vanadium content test, zirconium content test, sensory test.
PS, ABS, SAN, Acrylic plastic products:
Total migration test, peroxide value test, (VOM) organic volatile total, sensory test.
PA, PU plastic products:
Comprehensive migration test, peroxide value test, aromatic amine migration test, sensory test.
PET plastic products:
Comprehensive migration test, peroxide value test, zinc content test, lead content test, comprehensive migration test, peroxide value test.
Silicone rubber products:
Comprehensive migration test, (VOM) organic volatile content, peroxide value test, organic tin compound test, sensory test.
Paper products:
Five chlorine phenol test (PCP), hg (pb CD CrVl) of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium) release quantity, antibacterial composition migration test, formaldehyde content test, colored paper products - additional azo dye test.
Non-stick coating products (non-stick pan) :
Comprehensive migration test, the dissolubility of phenol test, the dissolubility of formaldehyde testing, dissolubility aromatic amine test, dissolubility hexavalent chromium (Vl) test, (the name 'LLL) dissolubility trivalent chromium test, PFOA perfluorinated acid tests, sensory testing.
Metal, alloy and electroplating products:
Heavy metal dissolution (lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel) test, sensory test.
PP plastic products:
Comprehensive migration test, chromium content test, vanadium content test, zirconium content test, sensory test.
Baking paper products:
Appearance, thermal stability, antibacterial composition migration test (PCBs) polychlorinated biphenyl test, formaldehyde dissolution test, sensory test.
Wood products:
(PCP) pentachlorophenol test, sensory test.
Ceramics, glass, enamel products:
The content of lead cadmium dissolution was tested in contact with food.

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