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How to get CCC/CQC certification of China?

How to get CCC/CQC certification of China?

How to get  CCC/CQC certification of China?

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China CCC/CQC certification.

How to get  CCC/CQC certification of China?
I. introduction
3 c authentication of all known as the "mandatory product certification system", it is the Chinese government to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, enhance product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. The so-called 3C Certification is China Compulsory Certification system, English name China Compulsory Certification, English abbreviation "CCC", or "3C". As a national security certification (CCEE) import safety quality license system (CCIB), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as one of China "CCC" certification authority, is China's general administration of quality supervision, inspection and in line with international standards by state certification and accreditation administration of an advanced logo, has an irreplaceable importance. Mandatory type test and factory inspection for products listed in the catalogue of products for compulsory product certification. All products listed in the compulsory product certification directory, did you get to specify certification certificate issued by the certification body, not according to stipulations and certification marks, the factory are not allowed, sales, import or use in other business activities.
Voluntary product certification in China, also known as: CQC logo certification, is the China quality certification center to carry out voluntary product certification business, USES the domestic and international advanced standards, covering product safety, energy saving, environmental protection, food safety aspects of technical characteristic, the certification covers 51 kinds of more than 400 kinds of products, designed to protect consumers' personal and property safety, safeguard consumer interest; Promote the quality of products and enhance the international competitiveness of domestic enterprises.
Ii. Product range
1) wire and cable
2) circuit breaker and protection or connection with electrical apparatus.
3) low voltage apparatus
4) small power motor.
5) power tools
6) welder
7) household and similar equipment.
8) audio and video equipment (excluding broadcast audio equipment and car audio equipment)
9) information technology equipment.
10) lighting equipment (excluding lighting equipment with voltage less than 36V)
11) motor vehicles and safety accessories.
12) motor vehicle tyres.
13) safety glass
14) agricultural machinery products.
15) latex products
16) wire terminal equipment.
17) medical device products.
18) fire protection products
19) safety technology to prevent products.
20) wireless LAN products.
21) decoration materials.
22) toys
Iii. Certification mark
The current "CCC" certification marks are divided into four categories:
1) CCC+S safety certification mark;
2) CCC+EMC certification mark;
3) CCC+F consumption certification mark;
4) CCC+S&E security and emc certification mark;
Iv. Certification process
1) certification application and acceptance.
2) product type test.
3) factory inspection
4) evaluation and approval of certification results.
5) supervision after certification.
5: ZKT test service scope.
1) China compulsory product certification (CCC)
2) CQC logo certification.
3) CCC confirmation test.
4) China energy efficiency certification, energy efficiency labeling.


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