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What is the cost of MSDS report

What is the cost of MSDS report

What is the cost of MSDS report

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What does MSDS mean?
1) what is MSDS?
2) what is the difference between MSDS and SDS?
3) MSDS application field.
4) who needs to make SDS report?
5) what materials need to be written for SDS?
6) is the MSDS report valid?

1) what is MSDS?
MSDS is the abbreviation of Material Safety Data Sheet, and MSDS is often translated into chemical Safety instructions. It is a comprehensive legal document on chemical characteristics of chemical production, trade and sales enterprises, which are required to be provided to downstream customers and the public by law. It provides 16 items such as chemical and physical parameters of chemicals, explosive performance, health hazards, safe use of storage, leakage disposal, first aid measures and related laws and regulations. MSDS can be written by manufacturer according to relevant rules. But in order to ensure accuracy of MSDS and compliance, avoid chemicals in production, circulation, use, storage, etc in the process of accident risk, suggest MSDS enterprises entrust a specialized service compliance chemical network (
2) what is the difference between MSDS and SDS?
MSDS is different from SDS is only in the standard of MSDS of the two kinds of different abbreviations in the supply chain on the role of the same, the differences in content mainly depends on the risk classification and adopted by the formatting standards. In China 2008 years ago in MSDS editorial standards of GB/T16483-2000 (void) called CSDS, 2008 revision of the standard GB/T 16483-16483 "the content of the chemical safety technical specifications and project order", the unity with the international organization for standardization, abbreviated as SDS. But at work, our company is still used to call it MSDS. The compliance chemical network is mainly aimed at improving the management level of the domestic chemical industry. Therefore, according to the habits of Chinese enterprises, the term of MSDS is adopted.
The European Union and the international organization for standardization (ISO) use SDS terminology, but in the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries in Asia, the SDS is also known as the Material Safety Data Sheet.
3) MSDS application field.
SDS is one of the main methods of chemicals on material supply chain information, its content involves the basic chemicals throughout the life cycle, contains the chemical hazard information and security advice, etc. Relevant personnel in contact with chemicals provide necessary measures for human health and environmental protection, as well as provide valuable comprehensive advice to relevant personnel in different links. At present, the SDS advanced chemical enterprises have made many important means of chemical safety management, also is new the hazardous chemical materials safety management regulations of the state council (decree 591), clearly put forward corporate responsibility and government regulatory focus.
Therefore, the correct MSDS is especially important for enterprises. It is recommended that enterprises entrust the professional network ( to provide MSDS service.
4) who needs to make SDS report?
New the hazardous chemical materials safety management regulations of the state council "(decree 591) from the law level need to mandatory use chemical safety specifications and the main body of chemical safety labels, specific as follows.
Article 15 the dangerous chemicals production enterprise shall provide the consistent with his production of dangerous chemicals of chemical safety specifications, packaging and in dangerous chemicals (including packaging) paste or fastened on consistent with packing of dangerous chemicals within all tags. The contents specified in the chemical safety technical specification and the chemical safety label shall conform to the requirements of the national standards.
Dangerous chemicals production enterprises found that the production of dangerous chemicals has a new risk characteristics, shall be announced immediately, and in a timely manner to amend its chemical safety specifications and chemical safety labels.
5) what materials need to be written for SDS?
A) according to relevant regulations, classified as hazardous substances or mixtures containing dangerous goods;
B) substances or mixtures are not classified as dangerous goods, but they contain a certain proportion of high attention substances (SVHC*) or other dangerous components;
C) substances that are judged to be persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic (PBT) or high persistence, high bioaccumulation (vPvB) according to corresponding standards;
D) products do not meet the above conditions, but required to provide the competent authorities or the importer, or more strict with product material category labels in the same industry, enterprises also need to pass SDS in its supply chain.

6) is the MSDS report valid?
MSDS/SDS has no clear expiry date. But MSDS/SDS is not static. In case of any of the following situations, the contents of MSDS/SDS shall be updated in a timely manner:
1. The material/component/proportion of the products targeted by MSDS changes;
2. The regulatory basis and requirements of MSDS are changed;
3. The product identified by MSDS has new hazard characteristics;
4. MSDS has new data or knowledge about the toxicological information/ecological information of the material.


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