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Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?

Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?

    • Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?
    • Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?
  • Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: ZKT
    Certification: CB
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    Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?


    In fact, many of the SASO specifications are based on the safety codes of the relevant world arrangements such as the world electrical council (IEC). Like many other countries, Saudi Arabia adds unique items to its code, depending on its civil and industrial voltage, geography and climate, and ethnic and religious practices. In order to fulfill the purpose of protecting consumers, the SASO specification applies not only to products imported from abroad, but also to products produced in the country of Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia's industry and Commerce Department and SASO require all the products included in the SASO certification specification to have SASO certification certificate when entering Saudi customs. Products without SASOcertificate would be denied entry by Saudi port customs.

    The producer gets SASO certification to export products to Saudi Arabia, and needs the following processes:

    Request the consulting company to inform the enterprise of the product certification procedure according to the product category and SASO requirements;

    The enterprise shall submit product samples for testing according to the certification procedure, and the factory shall check the requirements of some products (such as some motor vehicles and parts, etc.);

    After passing the product test, the company obtains the SASO certificate. If the product is not qualified after testing, the company will get a specific specification for the product to be exported to Saudi Arabia, and the SASO certificate shall be issued when the goods enter the customs. If the SASOcertificate cannot be issued, the products will be rejected or sampled to the Saudi industry and Commerce Department or the laboratory arranged by Saudi Arabia for testing. If the test is not qualified, the products will be rejected and the export enterprises will bear all costs.

    I. pre-shipment Compliance Verification

    This method is suitable for shipping very few exporters or manufacturers. The pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and pre-shipment test (PST) shall be requested before each shipment. You can get CoCcertificate if you pass both.

    Ii. Registration

    This method is suitable for the vast majority of customers, and its advantage is that each shipment inspection (PSI) is required, but no pre-shipment test (PST) is required for each shipment. The customer may obtain Registration certificate for Registration (SfR) by submitting a statement of compliance, providing a test statement in conformity with the importing country and relevant world or domestic regulations, and stating that the product has satisfied the basic requirements and national differences of the importing country.

    Iii. Type Approval Licensing

    This method can not only save the inspection fee or test fee before each shipment, simplify the repeated request process, but also guarantee the delivery time, so it is a part of the shipment more frequent or larger planning, quality and reputation of large companies. Certificate for Licence(SfL) issued by the exporter or manufacturer as long as the product completely conforms to the mandatory regulations of the importing and exporting countries. This certificate is valid for one year, and it can be renewed after submitting the updated factory inspection statement and paying the annual fee and being reviewed by RLC. The products obtained from SfLcertificate no longer require that each batch of goods be inspected before shipment (PSI), but reduced to a few sampling inspections per year (generally 2-3 times/year, depending on product conditions).

    SASO certification new regulation, part of product requirements CB certificate to SASO certificate

    SASO certification has 2 changes since 2018:

    From January 1, 2018, SABER will replace SASO and COC with roughly the same request process. SASO and SABER will co-exist for a period of time, about half a year. The SABER system is not yet complete and has yet to be rolled out.

    Second, some product requirements CB certificates can be transferred to SASO clearance certificates after SASO certification

    1. The mobile phone

    2. Mobile phone charger and accessories

    3. Battery (mobile phone, vehicle)

    4. Lighting equipment

    5. The pump

    6. Motor

    7. The dishwasher

    Portable computer

    9. Television

    These products, ITS and TUV, are set to enforce the CB certificate conversion requirement on February 15

    Advantages of CB certification

    In the past, most of the electrical and electronic products in countries need to be satisfied with different laws and regulations. It is a difficult and costly process to obtain product safety certification in countries. But now, with the help of CB system, the manufacturer can obtain the security certification of 54 countries at one time, and truly complete one test to satisfy multiple test requirements.

    Manufacturers who have obtained CB certificates can significantly reduce cost, effort, and timing when requesting other certifications.

    (1) the enterprise obtains CB test presentation which can be easily converted into VDE, GS, gost-r, SASO, Australian RCM and other certification marks

    (2)CB test presentation can be easily converted into CCC or voluntary certification in China

    (3) obtaining the CB certification is conducive to the direct recognition of many countries, such as southeast Asian countries

    The advantages of CB system include:

    Convenience: speed up the certification of countries, so that products can enter the market faster

    Efficiency: the CB system takes precedence when possible

    Economy: save the workload, test procedures and samples

    Convenience: one-stop local testing to enter the world market

    Smart lamp export Saudi must do CB certification? What are the advantages of CB certification?

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